Which nameservers should I use?
Posted by Phillip Baker on 15 March 2017 11:16 AM

If you are in doubt about changing nameservers for your domain, eg: if you think you have email or services hosted somewhere else, then please ask first - we are happy to advise you and this will avoid any potential downtime resulting from inadvertently applying incorrect settings.

If for some reason you do not want to use our nameservers please talk to us about it - it genuinely makes things harder when the DNS can't be updated directly by us.

When using any of our services, we would prefer that you use our "generic" nameservers unless advised otherwise.

NB: If you are a long standing cpanel-based hosting customer and were previously advised to list a cpanel server as one of your nameservers, this article supercedes any such advice.

All of our various servers and services feed these four systems with DNS updates, and if you use these generic nameserver addresses then you will experience the least possible downtime whenever it is necessary for us to re-home or otherwise migrate your website or email between servers, as we can do any of the necessary changes and preparation work ourselves.

Our nameservers are ns0, ns1, ns2 and ns3 at any of the domains,, or

NB: Not all domain registrars or registries permit adding more than two nameservers. In these instances it is perfectly acceptable to just list ns0 and ns1.

The following are examples of valid sets:




or even a combination of our domains would work:

BUT NOT the following:

(because all of these four names point to the same server, ns0!)

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